Sitemap - 2022 - Magic + Loss

The True Meaning of Christmas

Let Twitter Devolve Into Porn

NYT Walkout: The problem with being a part of an 'elite' institution

Bob McGrath and Sesame Street’s Inner City

Is Moore’s Law Really Dead?

The midterms, Kyrie Irving and The White Lotus: what you've missed on Not Even Mad

Hating 'wokes' is a nice rebrand for hating women

How the Media, the Right, and the Center Created a Common Enemy that Scares Them More Than Trump

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To tweet or not to tweet, now that Elon’s the boss

The Real Reason Elon Musk Wants You to Have More Babies

The Gnarly Id of Silicon Valley

Physician, Hack Thyself

When Barbara Walters left on top

Trump's whole self is on the line

The Vast Wasteland of Internet Television

Why Bannon flexes

The Origins of the Elite Edgelords

The Black Pill

The ideological war in Russia just became bloodier

Why Bother with Critical Theory at All?

Home-Buying Needs a Gut Renovation

The Anne and Ellen Days

The Secret to Being Lucky

A little news

How Heat Affects Humans

There's formaldehyde in a pear

When Our Organs Are Under Surveillance: Privacy After Roe

Democrats need more John Fettermans

How to Change a Mind

Humans Have Always Been Wrong About Humans

ICYMI: Stagecraft, Storytelling, and Jan. 6

Cooling Off is a Hot Topic

Defying Digital Hate

Texit 2022

For tomorrow's Jan. 6 hearing

The Bleak Ideology of Food Crazes

The Best of Slime

We are afraid of the wrong things

Talking sobriety influencers with Krys Boyd

Here's to New Mrs. Robinson

The Continuous Action

Demystifying the Black Manosphere

Tucker Flexes His Big Man Muscles

There's nothing ironic about Payton Gendron

Resources for a Post-Roe World

The Deeply Weird Mind of Elizabeth Holmes

The easy way to be on the right side of things

The red tape wins

Will Musk Bring Gamergate Back to Twitter?

Flipping the Script at Amazon

Will Twitter survive Elon Musk? I’m sticking around to find out

The Intoxicating Pleasure of Conspiratorial Thinking

A Sunday read (and listen)

Dying to Live Forever

The End of Alcohol

Just released: 2 new episodes of The Continuous Action

The Rise and Fall of a Campus Cult

Tragedy and racism at the NYT

Putin's Brain

The Slap, and even bigger news!

The Enduring Legacy of Clubhouse’s Chatty Revolution

Close Shaves

The Dirtbag Wife

Russia's commitment to inhumanity

Getting off the Brandwagon

How Edge incubated the Intellectual Dark Web

2 Ways to Stop Putin

Zelenskyy's extraordinary statement

Why are we still dieting?

Cow, Bull, and the Meaning of AI Essays

Saying Yes to Ulysses

The History—and Disturbing Resurrection—of Black Androids

How Is This Happening in Canada?

Innocence, and a fall

The Red-Pilling of Yoga World

What keeps us vital?

Work Will Break Your Heart — and You

The guy who's worse than Joe Rogan

Game, Set, Vax

DNA and the Age of Innocence

Give me data, not condolences

The Exquisite Banality of the Metaverse

Is Ketamine All It's Cracked Up to Be?

Rewriting the History of Humanity

In Praise of Unglamorous American Invention

An Oral History of the Attack on the Capitol

Thinking Critically About Sex, Drugs, Hope, and the Climate

The 2022 mentality

Is the end nigh? Maybe, but we’ve survived so far