Sitemap - 2023 - Magic + Loss

Forestalling the Apocalypse

The Kindest Words

Thank you, Bloomberg

Sex, Coke and Metaphor

Agony at the New York Times

Ketamine Mysteries

A top-5 Longread!

Let Twitter Devolve Into Porn

The Crisis Over American Manhood Is Really Code for Something Else

It's Time To Fall In Love With Nuclear Fusion Again

In Defense of Fuzzies

From my father: Are we getting it wrong on prostate cancer screening?

Larry Summers Honeypotted Me

Deconstructing the Op-Ed

The Administration IS Secretly Socialist

Ozempic is a Bomb

The Problem with Women

When Eyes Become Teeth

The Biggest Move of Sam Bankman-Fried's Career

Amazing. Lightning.

Burying Man the Hunter

I Saw the Face of God in a Semiconductor Factory

Me and Pete

Les Blogs Beautiful

Eat, Age, Rage

What If the Robots Were Very Nice While They Took Over the World?

Heather Cox Richardson on Democracy in Agony

'Can I Feel Your Ass, Donald?'

Times are good. Doomsaying is worse than ever.

Microchips Turn Sand Into Mind

7 Things Mark Meadows Staked His Career On

What if You Just Hate Making Dinner?

The Existential Non-Crisis on College Campuses

Evopsych Delusions

If only Rudy's dad could see him now

THIS is what makes my head spin

To Observe the Muon Is to Experience Hints of Immortality

The Playstation Riot

One Nation, Divided By A Common Language

Elon Musk just X’d out the sharing, caring ethos of the internet once and for all

Of Course It Came to Cage Matches

Why is Obama Still Ghosting Biden?

New in Politico: The Crisis Over American Manhood Is Code for Something Else

I won't stop talking about this!

Getting Close to Grease: A Pinball Story (Part 2)

Getting Close to Grease: A Pinball Story (Part I)

5 Ways to Live by a Doctrine of Luck


The Tao of DGAF

Social Media is Social Life

There's no such thing as a good mother (or a bad one)

Dieting is Poison

Jane Austen fans are the avant-garde of digital culture

Are Karens Feminist?

Democracy on Coke

How E. Jean Did It

The promise (and betrayal) of Adderall

Podcast: Behind the scenes at the chip factory

Pete Buttigieg Loves God, Beer, and His Electric Mustang

Disturbing Bromances

The blessings of the Minow curse

When E Jean Carroll First Called It Rape

The Wayback Machine remembers the internet fondly

Proud Boys, Stand Back and Stand in Prison

Into the Ultraviolet

How ‘Going Viral’ Became a Thing

The Zenith Z-19 was so much more than a computer

The IQ is as reliable and rigorous as the zodiac

The Optimization Lie

How All Population Science Tilts Into Eugenics

The Twitter I Love Doesn’t Exist Anymore

The War on Guilt

I Saw the Face of God in a Semiconductor Factory

Fat people don’t need medical care for who they are

Oscars so gray

The Racist Tesla Bot

It’s Time to Fall in Love With Nuclear Fusion—Again

'Robots are good at very simple things like cleaning the floor'

Stop Talking About Sad Girls and Sad Gays

Scott Adams' Ode to Trump

A government sarcasm detector is just what we need, right?

Just checking in!

Cow, Bull, and the Meaning of AI Essays

Welcome, Sidney!

Oh, no, even Boris Johnson gets it

Radically Renovate All of Your Relationships in 2.25 Hours

State of the Art

Humans Have Always Been Wrong About Humans

Hot Rhotica

The Irony-Free Years (2016-2021)

A candid conversation with Seth Abramson

'Well, This Is About to Go Down'

'Well, This Is About to Go Down'